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Grow ELC Blacktown – Early Childhood Educators’ Day: Celebrating US!

September started for us at Grow ELC Blacktown with a BIG BANG!

In celebration of Early Childhood Educators’ Day on the 7th of September, this year we dedicated one day each for our Educators and celebrated them individually; their care, passion, strengths, qualities, personalities, interests, teamwork and enthusiasm – it was ALL ABOUT THEM!

We’ve been spoilt with many appreciative messages from our families, artwork from the children we care for, a morning tea treat from our Managing Director, sweets made by our children and parents, and a finale to the day with a dinner with the best company of our team.

This year, celebrating our Early Childhood Educators has been more important than ever as our sector (similarly with other sectors) has been experiencing many challenges to continue to provide high quality education and care for the children in our community.

During these challenges, just like they were during the pandemic, our team at Grow ELC Blacktown have proven to be strong, dedicated, supportive and most importantly, deeply caring for the children in our care, their families, and our community, displaying great love and passion towards their profession. We appreciate each and every one of our Educators for all they do for our centre and community.

Early Childhood Educators are, in a way, the building blocks of learning. They help lay the foundation for education and discovery for the rest of a child’s life. Believe it or not, most children will develop a full range of necessary life skills before the age of five, and it is because of these dedicated, caring and passionate Early Childhood Educators that young children are able to do so. Research shows that without early education, children are likely to fall behind throughout their academic careers.

Early Childhood Educators are not just important in the lives of children, they are also key figures in the lives of families. Because of Early Childhood Educators, parents are better able to balance work and family responsibilities by being able to leave their children in a safe and nurturing environment with trustworthy educators while they go to work. Subsequently, parents are able to work full-time, increase family income, and in turn, increase their children’s opportunities down the road.


Kind Regards,
Miss Mel
Centre Director
Grow ELC Blacktown

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