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Infants (0 – 2 Years)

Infants (0 – 2 Years)

Our qualified and experienced team of Teachers and Educators in the 0-2 years room work closely with parents to provide infants with the best start to life.

We value and believe that parents are children’s first teachers; and by building strong connections with families, we gain great possibilities to enrich the care, education and developmental growth we provide to our children.

We build trust with your infant by following their individualised routine, developed in partnership with parents, to help each child transition smoothly and settle into our care environment. Routines influence children’s emotional, cognitive and social development, as well as provide opportunities for children to establish secure relationships with their educators. These relationships foster opportunities for learning and developmental growth.

Grow Early Learning Centre

Education is a focus of our program, as research shows that the earlier that children engage in learning, the more positive their life outcomes will be. At Grow ELC, we build on and expand opportunities for learning by:

  • Building strong connections with each child,
  • Working in collaboration with families,
  • Implementing combinations of small group and one-on-one interactions to cater for each child’s individual needs and learning styles, and
  • Challenging children with new experiences to improve and extend their learning and development.
Grow Early Learning Centre

We implement a play-based learning approach to provide abundant opportunities for your infant to learn lifelong skills and prepare them for their next stage in life.

Grow Early Learning Centre
Grow Early Learning Centre

In this age group, we set the foundations for children’s learning and development by providing extensive hands-on experiences. This is because infants learn best using their senses to explore their surroundings to improve their social, emotional, cognitive and language growth, as well as enhance their motor skills.

Grow Early Learning Centre

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