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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Grow Early Learning Centre, we provide the highest quality care, education and developmental growth for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old.

We offer comprehensive and individualised educational programs that are grounded in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and are designed to engage and challenge all ages. Your child’s needs and interests, observations of your child and family input form the basis of our curriculum planning, in conjunction with our educators’ knowledge and experience.

Our structured, as well as play-based learning approaches are aimed to help GROW your child into a social, confident, competent, independent, happy and healthy individual; and are focussed on developing your WHOLE child across all learning outcomes and developmental areas.

Grow Early Learning Centre

Our Curriculum incorporates:

  • Educational play
    Allows your child to make their own choices and decisions.
  • Structured activities
    Allows your child to follow instructions and build on their cooperation skills.
  • Art and craft
    Allows your child to challenge their creativity, experiment with a variety of medium and explore their sensory skills.
  • Technology play and lessons
    Allows your child to learn in a different context, using technology (such as interactive boards and iPads).
  • Indoor and outdoor play
    Allows your child to explore and participate in different environments and types of play, and learn how to behave appropriately in these environments.
  • Performances
    Allows your child to build their confidence to be in front of a group of people whilst learning to follow instructions.
  • Incursions and extracurricular activities
    Allows your child to participate and learn through new experiences and perspectives to increase their exposure, knowledge and skills across a range of subjects and activities, and the world around them.

We plan our curriculum based on the following age groups: 0-2 years old (infants), 2-3 years old (toddlers) and 3-5 years old (preschoolers), with an additional School Readiness group for the preschool aged children who are ready to graduate to BIG school in the following year.

Grow Early Learning Centre

Read more about the benefits of our Quality Education and Care Programs relating to each age group:

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