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Mindfulness (By Miss Lina – Grow ELC Girraween)

At Grow ELC Girraween, mindfulness is part of our daily routine. At the beginning of each day, our preschool children gather in a circle to practice a deep belly breathing and focused attention, the so-called ‘core practice’, then merge into a yoga session.

Our children enjoy practicing the simple techniques of breathing and mindfulness yoga exercises, which brings great benefits of stability and receptivity for a day of fruitful learning.

Mindfulness exercises are also part of our transitions, and they work beautifully. The children respond well, and the deep breathing exercises help the children to focus and prepare to move easily to another experience with joy and enthusiasm.

Transition times are some of the most important routines of our day… our days are full of excitement! Our curriculum is rich and the children are always eager to explore and discover our play-based environments.

Our babies and toddlers also engage in daily mindfulness exercises. Their favourite exercise is to lay on the floor, listen to meditation music and look up to the ceiling to watch the sea creatures floating.

Mindfulness is promoted to help our children deepen their understanding of their own mental processes. The breathing exercises and yoga helps our children to become aware of their connections between the brain and body – between what goes on ‘inside’ and the whole physical experience. The outcome of this enhances awareness of their impulses, thoughts, feelings and body capabilities.

Some of the great benefits of our daily mindfulness exercises include:

  • Improving children’s self-control and self-regulation
  • Strengthen children’s resilience and decision making
  • Reduce peer to peer conflict
  • Bolster children’s enthusiasm for learning with enthusiasm
  • Develops positive social skills such as empathy, compassion, patience and generosity
  • Helps children manage their anxiety and calms the nervous system
  • Increases body awareness and develops children’s strength and flexibility
  • Builds core strength for good posture and fitness
  • Enhances children concentration and memory skills
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