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Grow ELC Girraween – September 2023 blog

Father’s Day Event

On Friday, 1st September 2023, we celebrated Father’s Day with a special afternoon tea. In the days prior to the event, the children eagerly prepared a card for their fathers and helped prepare some delicious treats made with love, for them to eat during the afternoon tea.

After the Father’s Day afternoon tea, the fathers visited their children’s rooms to engage in many fun activities together. This was a very special experience which allowed the children to continue to develop an understanding of their identities, and to further build on their sense of belonging.

Activathon Week

‘Activathon Week’ is a major event we hold every year for all the children in the centre. This event is aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles for all the children, families and staff. This year also we celebrated and promoted these themes through different experiences. We had physical activity-based experiences the whole week aimed at fundamental movement skills, yoga and exercises. The children were seen excited and enjoying the different games and experiences provided for them, and participated with enthusiasm along with their educators. The educators documented their progressive abilities in different FMS skills in the ‘Activathon Growth Cards’, which helped set future goals.

Then, we had our ‘Healthy Harold’ incursion, which was aimed this year at how to be safe in different situations, e.g. road safety, sun safety, water safety and safety around medication. This gave children insights into staying safe in different situations in a fun way. Educators also provided experiences in the room based on learning about healthy nutrition and eating habits. In the following week, the children were invited to receive awards and certificates for their participation in this week-long event. 

Staff were also given an ‘Activathon Week Challenge’ that promoted them to think, reflect and incorporate healthy lifestyles into their daily life. The staff were also given participation certificates and awards based on their completion of those challenges.

This event reinforces the much needed physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the staff and children, and provides future goals for everyone in this regard.

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