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Grow ELC Blacktown – Children’s Health & Wellbeing: BIG Emotions & Dental Care

Australia’s favourite Giraffe, Healthy Harold from Life Education, visited our Centre to educate our children about making safer and healthier choices. This year’s theme was a HUGE one, and fun at the same time – BIG Emotions!

During his visit, Healthy Harold helped us to understand and acknowledge our own and others’ feelings. Learning about emotional literacy, emotional regulation, friendship, connection and help seeking, helped us to learn about BIG emotions.

Healthy Harold’s interactive session included a book featuring Australian illustrations, storytelling, music and songs that helped us learn about health, safety and emotional wellbeing through the opportunity to engage in play-based, fun and hands-on experiences. It is always fun to learn with Healthy Harold!

Another highlight was our Dental Week! During this week, the children were engaged in a variety of fun and educational experiences, experiments, excitements and investigations. The learning was endless and we even made our own toothpaste!

Did you know that making toothpaste requires math and problem-solving skills? Knowing how much and how many when mixing the ingredients, using the big and small utensils for different jobs, and predicting what may happen when taking each step… We were very proud of ourselves and the outcome we reached in making the paste. Once finished, we used the toothpaste to brush our huge toy teeth.

Our 4 years old children also had their eye sight test recently, where they all became pirates, covering one eye and pointing to the letters as instructed by the StEPS Program Optometrist.

Kind regards,
Miss Mel
Centre Director
Grow ELC Blacktown

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