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Supporting Creative Thinkers @ Grow ELC Killarney Vale

Welcome to this month’s blog for Grow ELC Killarney Vale! This month saw our children engaged in various creative activities, whether it be through play or creative arts. Our centre prides itself in fostering children’s creative thinking and encourages children to explore, create, imagine and wonder.

Our open-ended resources like blocks for example, help children build, design, and make what they are imagining. It might not look like much to us, but to them it is everything! Children can learn about the world around them when making and creating things they can relate to. When the children build and create together, this encourages the building of strong relationships with one another that we aim for.

We have also had a great time being little Picassos and provided the children with experiences to paint and create art in various interesting ways.  Our children used rubber bands, rollers, paper towels, droppers and more, as tools to make art. Using these items to paint and make things helps children understand that they don’t need to stick to the norm to make works of art. They experiment and explore, think and wonder when using items to paint with. Children imagine what they want to make, and if their dog they painted has 10 legs, that is perfectly OK. We empower children to express themselves and always encourage them to be happy with their creations, always praising their efforts.

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