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Educational Program & Practice | By Miss Mel (Grow ELC Blacktown)

Play-based, Child-centred, Hands-on Learning

Our qualified and experienced Educators at Grow ELC Blacktown, engage in an ongoing cycle of planning that involves observing, gathering, and interpreting information about children supported by contemporary Early Childhood theories and perspectives.

Implementing the Early Years Learning Framework, Grow ELC Blacktown’s Educational Program & Practice is stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development; through play based, child-centred and hands-on experiences. It builds on children’s individual knowledge, strengths, ideas, cultures, abilities and interests, providing opportunities for children’s essential lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Benefits of Play-based, Child-centred, Hands-on Learning:

  Language and Literacy Development: Developing and growing vocabulary, conversations occur in a natural way and allow children to engage in different forms of communication, including storytelling, negotiation, turn taking, and questioning.

  Social and Emotional Development: Opportunities to develop positive relationships with peers, turn take, cooperate, problem solve, express emotions and feelings freely.

  Creativity and Imagination Skills: Exploring their environment and making meaning of the world around them using their senses.

  Physical Development: Throwing, climbing, running, jumping, balance, body coordination, eye-hand coordination, drawing painting, building and many more fine and gross motor skills.

  Confidence and Positive Attitude Towards Learning: Opportunities to take risks and try new skills, grasping concepts easily as engaged in their interests, leading the learning, planning their own learning.

Educators at Grow ELC Blacktown, facilitate play-based curriculum and act as guides, coaches, facilitators and mentors to children’s social interaction, thinking and communication capacities. Engaging in ongoing critical reflection on our practices with children, guides us to inform decisions about the type and degree of support we offer to children as the learners.

As supported by many researches, we strongly believe that children’s success as learners depends on strong foundations developed from infancy.


Kind regards,
Miss Mel
Centre Director
Grow Early Learning Centre – Blacktown

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