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Grow ELC Blacktown – Brighter Futures: School Readiness Program

For those who have been waiting to read the follow up from our June blog to find out how our Assessment and Rating visit went… It was an amazing experience for us all and our Assessor was very pleased with our Service. I’ll update you more once we have the formal results in.

Now to share another great excitement…

We have been extra busy at Grow ELC Blacktown this month as we are preparing for our School Readiness (SR) sessions to commence in term 3 from the 18th of July 2022.

Our School Readiness Parent Information Night was a great success with parents showing interest and taking notes of our expectations of the children in relation to our SR program. 

Our SR program is delivered with the same approach we use for our daily programs – Learning Through Play – with more emphasis given to structured learning.

Our SR program is fun, and motivates the children to learn more and increase their interest in learning. It also encourages them to observe the world around them, to be curious and inquisitive, and to explore and investigate with the aim of further developing resilience and self-assurance; all of which are important for school readiness.

The development of social skills (such as how to interact with others), cognitive skills (such as problem solving), emotional skills (such as how to bounce back from disappointment), and physical skills (such as how to play team sports in their early years), helps children to understand themselves and how they fit into the world – skills that will be important in the school environment and thereafter.

Kind regards,
Miss Mel
Centre Director
Grow ELC Blacktown

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