Preschool Program

Our program is planned so that it is individualised for your child, challenges him/her based on his/her needs and interests and focuses on helping your child grow and develop to be a social, confident, competent, independent and unique individual by meeting all of the 5 learning outcomes. This incorporates all developmental areas of the WHOLE child.

Preschool Program

Our Program Incorporates:

  • Educational play - allows for your child to make their own choice and decisions. 
  • Structured activities - allows for your child to follow instructions and build on their co-operation skills.
  • Group activities - allows for your child to participate and co-operate as a respected team member.
  • Art / craft - allows for your child to challenge their creativity and experiment with a variety of medium where your child will explore their sensory skills.
  • Technology play & lessons - allows your child to learn in a different context, using technology (smartboard, computers & iPads).
  • Indoor / outdoor play - allows your child to explore and participate in different types of environment and play, and learn to behave appropriately in these different types environment.
  • Performances - allows your child to build on their confidence to be infront of a group of people whilst learning to follow instructions.

School Readiness

A school readiness program is provided to children going to school. This program is more structured and focuses on preparing the pre-schoolers for kindergarten the next year. The school readiness program includes homework, school group, more indepth concept learning, fine tuning skills in writing, reading, numeracy, learning of social rules (especially in groups), lunch box, self-help skills like shoe lace tying, buttoning, grooming.


Our friendly, passionate team consists of:

  • A management team consisting of the Director, Assistant Directors / Nominated Supervisors.
  • Educators who are qualified- having their degree in Early Childhood, Diploma in Children Services, Certificate 3 in children services or are trainees studying their Diploma or Certificate 3.
  • Support workers.
  • Qualified cooks. 
  • Admins.

Cooked Meals

We provide cooked meals, prepared and cooked in the day by our qualified cooks, who have attained certificates in menu planning and food hygiene. We can cater to most dietary needs.

Childcare Benefit (CCB) & Childcare Rebate (CCR) 

We have CCB and CCR availability for those families who are eligible through Family Assistant Office (Centrelink).

Hours Of Operation

Grow ELC is open Mondays to Fridays, 7am to 6pm, 52 weeks a year. Centre is closed on public holidays.