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End of Year Recap Memoir | By Miss Lina (Grow ELC Girraween)

This is it – we’re about to complete another successful year full of great memories and full of challenges! Despite the lockdowns, we are proud to continue to provide the best quality care for our families and the best service for our community.

Teaching requires passion and joy. We know passion is contagious, energy is contagious and ambition is contagious. These are what Team Grow Girraween is all about! Our daily positive motivation is graceful and I am blessed to have an incredibly dedicated and hardworking team.

2021 proved to be a time to reinvent ourselves with a new learning style, using virtual learning to engage and connect with our children at home during the lockdowns. It was also a great opportunity to involve our Grow families even more in their child’s learning journey and have them witness their growth and progress.

The children participated in many different learning experiences recently, such as the amazing reptile show where the children got up-close and personal with different reptiles. In early November, the children and educators engaged in an exciting and diverse experience: Diwali. On this day, the children and educators dressed in traditional outfits and celebrated the festival of lights with dancing, food and art.

Our preschool children took part in their last challenge: Graduation Day. Our graduating children expressed all that they’ve learnt and achieved at Grow Girraween with an amazing performance that always brings tears to my eyes – tears of joy and tears of sadness. We all know that a new chapter is about to start in their lives as our preschoolers soon embark on a new learning journey at “BIG school”.

15 December was our last major event for 2021 – our Christmas Concert. After much preparation and rehearsing, the children put on a spectacular performance for their families, had a surprise visit from Santa, and enjoyed the rest of the day with a Christmas luncheon and an interactive Christmas show by Em’s Entertainment.

Last but not least, where our children’s feelings count, their sadness is comforted, their joy is shared and their accomplishments are praised. It is the wholehearted passion that makes Grow Girraween a truly special and wonderful place of learning for children. We always strive to ensure our children are filled with learning, laughter, smiles and wonder.

My motto is “happiness is working with children”. My goal is to ensure that all children feel safe and secure, and that they are happy and loved, which makes any learning possible.

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